Scheherazade... In the Spirit of the 1001 Arabian Nights
Most Recent Performance - Carlsbad
Most Recent Performance - Carlsbad
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Partial Carlsbad Cast with Producer, Jeff Richards
Partial Carlsbad Cast with Producer, Jeff Richards

The Carlsbad performance was attended by 300 people and was sold out.  Thank you Southern California!

Titanya Monique Dahlin
July 23. 2005
Carlsbad, California Production

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July 23, 2005
8 p.m.
Tickets  $20 each
Thank You Southern California!
This showing was sold out.

Carlsbad Village Theatre

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Scheherazade -The Veil Behind the Blade 2005

Scheherazade Cast 2005,
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Titanya Monique Dahlin

Featured in Scheherazade since 1993

Titanya Monique Dahlin is the writer, director, choreographer, actor and co-producer of the Scheherazade production.  This production has been featured with live music in various formats to rave reviews and sold out audiences since 1993.  The program has been presented in the United States and Canada.
"As a story editor for Dino D'Laurentiis Productions for over twenty years, I am well qualified to tell you that this is one of the most breathtaking and entertaining productions I have ever seen...and I have been all over the world!"
       -Doris Cerea,
Dino D'Laurentiis Productions

John Bilezikjian

John Bilezikjian may be the most prominent oudist of his generation, if not in the nation. He is a master teacher, composer, artist and musician. For many musicians, John has been instrumental in their careers. Although Mr. Bilezikjian's main focus is the oud, he is a multi-instrumentalist. Over the past 30 years, he has also written the music for several television specials and a number of Hollywood movies.

Helen Bilezikjian

Helen Bilezikjian is a professional singer and has entertained audiences all over the country. Currently Helen is the Soprano soloist for The Christian Assembly Church of Laguna Woods, CA. Helen's voice can be heard in Operatic roles as well as in Middle-Eastern ones. She is an adjudicator for scholarships and grants for the Armenian Allied Arts Association of Los Angeles.  She has taught Armenian Folk Dancing and Singing for over 20 years and presents Folk Dance Workshops in Orange County. She has performed with her husband John for 30 years and has her own CD, called "Yeraz" on the Dantz Records label.

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Frank Lazzaro

Frank Lazzaro has studied and performed middle-eastern and African drumming for over 15 years. He currently teaches at san diego world beat cultural center, and has an instructional CD of popular dance rhythms. Frank is a leading member of the groups Middle-Earth Ensemble and Damaru, and produces monthly music and dance events at Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge in North Park.

Richard Steiger

Richard Adrian Steiger is a independent scholar, composer, writer, teacher, musician-at-large, recording engineer, and bellydance drum-accompanist.  Richard received a BA in Art (1980) and an MA in Music [ethnomusicology] (1988) from SDSU. His book, The Complete Dümbek, is due to be published Fall 2005 by Anaphase II Publishing. Richard was in an earlier version of Scheherazade with Titanya and the group Palmyra in 1999.

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Dondi Dahlin:  Performing since the age of 4, Dondi has had dance contracts in the Middle East, South Pacific, Mexico and Europe and is a member of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild for film and television actors.  She has danced for many celebrities, including Angie Dickinson, Jimmy Buffet and Peter Fonda.  Dondi was chosen as the exclusive dancer for Omar Sharif on his 60th birthday and has won the titles of, “Belly Dancer of the Universe,” “Wiggles of the West” and “Outstanding Speaker in the Nation.”  She is a sought-after teacher and spokesperson revered for her knowledge of Middle Eastern Dance, music and history.  Dondi enjoys being “cutting edge” with her performances, as well as staying true to the Middle Eastern culture and feeling.  Dondi joined The Belly Dance Superstars in 2003 and is a contributing writer with several Middle Eastern Dance magazines.  She can be seen on several Belly Dance videos.



Marguerite Kusuhara’s unique blend of humor, magic, and dance have delighted audiences world wide. A member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle, she often mixes magic and other theater arts with her performances.


One of Southern California’s first proponents of med-dance fusion, she has taught classes in language, spirituality, movement and dance both to individuals and groups in Palestine- Israel, Mexico, China, Germany and the US. She has performed in music videos, films, theater and more. She has been invited for a second time to China to lecture on dance, culture, women’s studies and consciousness, and is scheduled in the US on the West Coast for seminars at Tribal Fest 2005, Cairo Carnival, and on Arabian Nights at Sea Bellydance Cruise.  




Kamaal has been performing and teaching Middle Eastern dance for over twenty years.  In competition, he was given the title of Mr. America of the Belly Dance on two occasions, and he has been the only male belly dancer ever to place as a finalist in the International Belly Dance Competition. He has been a finalist several times in the Belly Dancer of the Year competition.


Kamaal’s dance style ranges from traditional Egyptian cabaret to folkloric.  His dance career began with ballroom dance where he was a competition dancer for more than 15 years before he discovered Middle Eastern dance.  He is known for his creative sword balancing routines.  Kamal teaches local classes out of his Sherman Oaks studio and belly dance instructional workshops throughout the United States.



Velvet Gypsy Tribal

Janet, Devora and Jules

Velvet Gypsy Tribal is a tribal fusion belly dance troupe based in San Diego. They are inspired by the cultures of the East merged with the modern influences of the West.

Amarat Middle Eastern Dance Group

Amarat Middle Eastern Dance Group is a dynamic group of dancers that performs bellydance with a twist!  While Egyptian Cabaret is their specialty, they also perform veil, cane, sword, khaleegy, and zills.  The lovely ladies of AMARAT --Kinza, Nari, Nahira and Niveen ---seek to inspire in their audiences admiration and appreciation for the art and culture of bellydance.  AMARAT performs all over San Diego at restaurants, cultural fairs, and private events.

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