Scheherazade... In the Spirit of the 1001 Arabian Nights
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"Remarkable stage presence...Titanya's mastery will steal your heart!"
       -Harry Saroyan, Entertainer & Producer of Middle Eastern Productions

"Titanya Utilizes beauty for the sake of conveying urgent messages relevant to our times."
       -Eva Cernik, International Bellydancer

"As a story editor for Dino D'Laurentiis Productions for over twenty years, I am well qualified to tell you that this is one of the most breathtaking and entertaining productions I have ever seen...and I have been all over the world! 
       -Doris Cerea,
Dino D'Laurentiis Productions

"Ein Leckerbissen!"
(A delicacy)
-Die Sudkurier, Germany

"Titanya has undoubted magnetism, eloquence and is indeed a master of poetry in motion."
       -Ashland Daily Tidings, Oregon

"...blessed with a special gift, Titanya's storytelling and dance thoroughly captivated me!"
       -Sakti Renek, Internatiional Dancer

"Titanya's remarkable retelling gives a deeper understanding of the Arabian Nights... unforgetable!"
   -David Feinstein, Ph.D.
co-author -The Mythic Path

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