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Titanya as Scheherazade


2005 Production Cast

Titanya Monique Dahlin is the writer, director, choreographer, actor and co-producer of the Scheherazade production.  This production has been featured with live music in various formats in the United States and Canada to sold out audiences since 1993.  
Produced by Jeff Richards
"As a story editor for Dino D'Laurentiis Productions for over twenty years, I am well qualified to tell you that this is one of the most breathtaking and entertaining productions I have ever seen...and I have been all over the world!"
       -Doris Cerea,
Dino D'Laurentiis Productions

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Jeff Richards (800) 457-4010, ext. 7 or (909) 534-1314





Arabian Nights Theatre Presentation Offers more than the Children’s Story


Carlsbad, California   Titanya Monique Dahlin’s original dance and theater production of Scheherazade –The Veil Behind the Blade returns to North County, San Diego for one showing at the Carlsbad Village Theatre on July 23.   Dahlin, a local resident, actress, playwright and international dancer has offered her unique version of the 1001 Arabian Nights to the public since 1993 where it has been seen by audiences in Colorado, Oregon and Canada.


"This story has been told and enjoyed by children as a fairy tale for centuries," says Dahlin, "but I always felt that there was a much more powerful underlying message.”


Dahlin continues, “In the fairytale of the 1001 Arabian Nights, the telling of the bloodshed and abuse towards women were down-played and adapted for young children.  I felt the underlying story was never revealed.  To me, the symbolism of the real cultural and gender imbalance in the Middle East is the core of the story that needs to be told to America.  The story’s heroine, Scheherazade is the perfect role model for women and oppressed people throughout the world and bridges a very special understanding of the authentic beauty and traditions of the Middle Eastern culture.”


The story begins with the powerful King Shahariyar, who in his anger toward the betrayal of his wife, commands a new bride to be brought to him each evening only to execute her the following morning. This cruelty and oppression toward women continues for a period of three years until one courageous woman, Scheherazade, asks to be brought before him. She avoids her own execution by mesmerizing him with her intelligence, wit, storytelling and dance. Her determination cures him of his cruel ways and strengthens the position of women everywhere.  Their relationship grows as a powerful love story unfolds.


This two-hour production will feature live theatre, dance, drama, humor, sword-balancing, professional magic and a myriad of beautiful veiled performers with authentic live music directed and performed by a very special guest, John Bilezikjian.  Bilezikjian had the highlight of his career earlier this month as a soloist at the Boston Pops Orchestra.  The Oud is an ancient eleven-stringed Persian instrument dating back more than 2000 years that is performed with an eagle’s quill.  Bilezikjian has performed, taught and composed music with the Oud for more than 46 years and he has filmed and recorded background music for over 50 television and motion picture film soundtracks for such well-known titles as The Prince of Egypt, The Scorpion King and Schindler’s List.


International dancer, instructor and stage actress, Titanya Monique Dahlin will perform a number of solo and group dance pieces. The additional cast will include Belly Dancer of the Universe winner - Dondi Dahlin, Marguerite Kusuhara who frequently mesmerizes audiences at the Magic Castle, Kamaal - winner of Mr. America of the Belly Dance, the lovely women of dance troupes - Velvet Gypsy Tribal and Amarat, plus additional music and drums by Frank Lazarro and Richard Steiger.


Date of Event:  July 23, 2005 at 8 p.m. at the Carlsbad Village Theatre

Tickets:  $20 each available online, by mail or by calling (800) 457-4010 ext. 14


Location Address: Carlsbad Village Theatre, 2822 State Street, Carlsbad, California 92008


For Mature Audiences Only – More Information available at:



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