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Scheherazade -The Veil Behind the Blade

Scheherazade Program Sponsors Needed for Every Production
Gain Valuable Exposure for Your Business While Supporting the Arts


One Major Production Sponsor 

Suggested Donation: $500 - $1000 

  • Only logo or business name sponsor on the poster and flyer
  • Only logo or business name sponsor on the front page of the program
  • Full page ad in the program (half page flyer that you provide)
  • Sponsorship info on websites of Scheherazade, Titanya and BellyDance Shopping with links (These three websites average about 100,000 hits/month)
  • Sponsorship info on the press release that is submitted to all of the local media.  Usually we get coverage in anywhere from 2-5 publications, sometimes even more
  • We can distribute your flyers, coupons at the event if desired


Up to Five Event Sponsors:  

Suggested Donation: $300 - $500

  • Program flyer insert, 1/2 sheet that you provide
  • Logo or business name sponsor on a main page of the program
  • Logo or business name sponsors on the websites of Scheherazade, Titanya and BellyDance Shopping (These three websites average about 100,000 hits/month)


Program Insert Advertisers: $50

  • 1/2 page flyer insert into the program (you provide flyer)


We Need the Following Services for Every Production

and are willing to trade advertising for some of these services

  • Printing of flyers, 2500 - 5000 depending upon the event.
  • Printing of programs, 400 - 1200 depending upon the event
  • Video Taping of the program
  • Professional Photographs of the entertainers, dress rehearsal only

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